Mhairi McNeill

Freelance Data Scientist

My name is Mhairi McNeill. I'm a freelance data scientist living in Edinburgh.

I have a masters degree in Applied Statistics and Data Mining. Before I was a freelancer I worked in the games industry and very briefly in manufacturing. I dabble in all kinds of models from Bayesian to frequentist and even machine learning. I specialise in text analytics but I'm also very interested in visualisation, particularly interactive visualisation.

I mainly use R, but I'm not against a bit of Python or SQL now and again.

On my blog I occasionally write about interesting tips and tricks I've found.

I'm available for hire. Most of the work I do is helping people understand their data; finding what has been working for them and predicting what will work in the future.

Also, I mentor for Springboard. I love teaching statistics and programming. I'm available for one-on-one tutoring and advice - email me to find out more.

To get in contact, email me at: (small CAPTCHA to stop spam!). My contact details are also on my CV.